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The more value you create, the more valuable you become!

Creating Value

The more value you create, the more valuable you become! One element I have learned over time is creating substance that will truly connect with your customer. No ‘sales pitch’ will be able to take the place of bringing meaningful value to your client. We currently live in a world that at times has created a “disposable” mindset…..by creating true value and substance, you will be ‘indisposable’ to your clients.

So, make yourself invaluable!

1) Focus on the customers true needs.
If you aren’t bringing your client the right fit for their needs, then you aren’t bringing value to your clients. Everything looks great on paper, but it is when we peel back the layers that reveals the value and impact you can make for your clients.

2) Offer creative solutions that competitors don’t.
Customize your approach and service for each client. Step out and be intuitive to what you can bring to your clients.. Be a difference maker, and that is what will separate you from your competitors.

3) Invest in the best people on your own team
This can not be stressed enough. Cast your vision for your team and give them the opportunity to expand on it. Bill Gates wasn’t the smartest in the room….but he surrounded himself with the smartest people.

4) Have a ‘high touch’ approach
Get in the trenches and be an extension of your client. Always stay close to your customer and anticipate needs; consistently deliver what they need before the need is realized.

5) Give clients a great experience and they will come to expect it
If a client consistently has a great experience with you, your firm, your product, it is what they will continue to expect. They will remember the experience, how it made an impact, and they will return. New technology products companies have realized that it is not only about having a product that for example sends email, but about creating an overall great experience. The look, design, packaging, customer service ..creating value that makes up and defines the full experience.


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